Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are sorry if you experience a  delay in receiving your Salon Collection Products. Thank you so much for your patience.  

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Just to let you know that it's business as usual here. Very best wishes and fantastic health! xx
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Why choose Fantastic Hairdresser Products?

  • 1 You get a fantastic product!

The Fantastic Hairdresser Salon Collection is both luxurious to use, and effective in producing happy, healthy hair. It delivers on all fronts and on all its promises, creating wonderfully conditioned hair, whilst protecting and repairing colour treated, damaged, dry and fine hair.

  • 2 You are helping give young hairdressers a Fantastic Future!

The Butterfly Scholarship system, funded with money from the success of the new Salon Collection product range, will enable hairdressers using Fantastic Hairdresser education programmes to get financial support in order to benefit from Alan Austin-Smith's distinctive methodology: 50% life skills, focusing on communication, motivation and self-confidence, and 50% top quality hairdressing training.

Not just developing Fantastic hairdressers, but Fantastic people too!

Fantastic Hair & Beauty products - supporting The Butterfly Scholarship